Dorota Smorlarkiewicz


Dorota Smolarkiewicz is the founder of Aurora’s DKS Law firm. With more than 15 years of experience, Dorota is a recognized expert in the area of real estate law. She services a wide variety of  private and commercial clients and realtors.

Dorota’s experience and love of law stems from a variety of law firms. She began at McMillan during her scholastic days and continued with Dale & Lessmann, Garfinkle Biderman, Korman & Company and finally Fluxgold Izsak Jaeger. Throughout the years of her employment Dorota was known for her personal touch and friendly approach.

From an early age Dorota understood the importance of personal excellence, taking the extra step and competiveness. This is demonstrated through many of her scholarships, awards as well as clients’ and employers’ appreciation and respect. Her undergraduate studies in psychology taught her how to deal and assist clients during times of high stress and anxiety.

DKS Law is a result of Dorota’s past corporate and personal experience and embodies her strong principles and values. A law firm which combines professionalism, great value, client centricity and friendly service which puts their client at ease.