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Wills & Estates

DKS Law Wills and EstatesDon’t leave home without one. A properly drafted Will and Estate plan establishes your intentions, sets out your wishes and distributes your assets, so that your family can hold onto the most of what you’ve spent a lifetime building while minimizing the tax bite.

There are various things to consider during the estate planning process. DKS Law can help advise you on ways to minimize your estate taxes, help you clearly set out your wishes and simplify the estate planning process.


Property and asset owners are encouraged to procure Wills providing direction in their wealth allocation upon the time of their passing. A Will is a key legal document ensuring your wishes are carried out with respect to how your property and assets should be distributed.

Without a will, your estate (upon death) may be suspended until either the Government or a person (not necessarily someone of your choosing) is appointed as an Estate Trustee of your assets. This may result in delays, further expenses and/or other complications. DKS Law assists clients in the creation of their Wills ensuring the realization of their post life wishes and directions, as well as reducing the unnecessary complexity and burden for their families during a difficult time.

Probate and the Administration of Estates

Many estates require a “Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee”, often referred to as a “Probate” or “Estate Administration”. This process verifies the Will and protects the Trustee (also known as Executor) and beneficiaries, by ensuring that there are no conflicts before the estate is completed. Our team can assist you with obtaining the Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, so you have the legal authority to administer the provisions of the deceased’s Will.

For more information on the Estate Administration process please visit the Ministry of Attorney General Website and make an appointment with our office today so we may walk you through this process at How to apply for probate in Ontario

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We create relationships that last longer than your mortgage. Those same relationships trust in us to assist them with creating, updating and maintaining their Powers of Attorney and Wills.

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